Is Heaven Blue?
2022, the cinematographic oeuvre from 
Paul, Menno and Francoise de Nooijer
Vormgeving: Barends & Pijnappel
ISBN 9789491738746 – NUR 652
Intro by Peter Delpeut, Voetnoot Publishing
650 pages

Is Heaven Red?
2022, the photographic oeuvre from
Paul, Menno and Francoise de Nooijer 
Intro by Andrea Voigt, Voetnoot Publishing
600 pages

Paul de Nooijer: 
Monograph, 2007 Text by Adi Martis + Rik Suermondt, Focus Publishing BV. 180 pages. 

Uit handen van Tessa Braat, 2003
Intro by A.J. Snel. 64 photographs by Paul + Menno de Nooijer. 
De Vries Communication Centre, Zierikzee. 
Eine Hälfte des Horizontes,1998
A de Nooijer monograph.
Intro by Hartmut Wiesner and Susanne Wiesner, Wilhelmshaven. 57 illus. 
Films, 1991
Intro by Adriaan Elligens.
Documenting de Nooijer film works. 44 illus.
Squares, 1987
Text by Hripsimé Visser
Middelburg, NL. Documenting Paul de Nooijer’s monumental photoworks. 
Home Sweet Home, 1982
Introduction by Jos Houweling, Eindhoven, NL. 80 illus. 
Losing One’s Photos, 1981
Intro by Jerry King Musser.
Eindhoven, NL. Blank pages with titles of photographs “lost” in exhibitions.  
Losing One’s Head, 1978 
Intro by Ingeborg Th. Leijerzapf, Eindhoven, NL. 33 illus. 

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