Kunstbomen (Art Trees)

An exterior project created by transforming a series of apple trees into art objects. The process will continue into 2010 and end during 2011. An orchard was in need of thinning out as a way to enhance the remaing trees. Of those remaining, twelve trees were retained to live on as works of art.
Initiated in 2009 by Paul de Nooijer + Menno de Nooijer and located at Heuvelhoftuinen, ‘s-Heer Abstkerke, Netherlands. 
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Kruispunt (Crossroads)

Installations in 2002 included Baudelo Park, Gent, Belgium; Noord Brabants Museum, Den Bosch, Netherlands; Hasselt, Belgium; and, Abdijplein, Middelburg, Netherlands.
The assembed structure covered an area of 12 x 12 x 7 meters and included 8 photo works measuring 4 x 4 meters, and 8 video-film works projected onto 8 retro screens measuring 3 x 4 meters. Created by Paul de Nooijer + Menno de Nooijer.
Music by Stefan Smagghe, Belgium.
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100 Jaar Schoonheid (100 Years of Beauty)

This 10-minute video installation is a visual investigation into the similarities and differences between people aged from 0 to 100 years old. It depicts life as a cycle and shows the development of a child (with little experience, but still open and innocent), via adulthood (having gained experience, now closed and reserved), through to old age (once again open and innocent). The aim of the project is to demonstrate the beauty of inner growth and the unique auras of one hundred individuals. The oldest person to be portrayed was born in 1902 and the youngest in 2002. Everyone breathes in and then out again. On breathing in, the blurred image comes into focus, and on breathing out, it becomes blurred once again. The images are projected on a, moving, thin piece of fabric and are accompanied by the sound of breathing.
Created in July 2002 by Paul de Nooijer + Menno de Nooijer, with production by Françoise de Nooijer. 
Sound design by Peter Flammen. 
Make-up by Mireille Hoetelmans. 
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This permament photo-video installation was commissioned for the Rijnhaven Building, Rotterdam Court of Justice, Netherlands. The project incorporates 9 television monitors, 9 video cameras, 9 DVD players, and 10 Cibachrome photographic prints.
Created in 1999-2000 by Paul de Nooijer + Menno de Nooijer.
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Radio 2000 Triptych

A permanent photographic triptych commissioned for the Radio Omroep Zeeland Building, incorporating 60 x 265 cm Cibachrome photographic prints.
Created by Paul de Nooijer + Menno de Nooijer.

Schetsontwerp Landschapspark Borsele

Welcome-Goodbye is the entrance to the park.
Created by Paul de Nooijer + Menno de Nooijer